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About West Africa Bauxite


The mission of West African bauxite is to have a leader place in the market by delivering the best fittingbauxite products sales solutions and services.We intend to expand our services by finding new networks of partnerships to fully satisfy the needs of our loyal clients, as well as to involve new ones.

We are a professional, innovative, market focused Intermediary Company, operating as a quality products provider with a successful history as an Intermediary of the Sellers and Buyers.

West Africa Bauxite combined skills of its management staff and field teams, together with our desire to incorporate the latest developments in quality management, safety deliveries of products, and in-field operational procedures enables us to provide high level and cost effective turn-key solutions to satisfy client requirements within the bauxite industry.

The company is a leader for the utilization of the latest technology for its processes. These technological advancements are assisting in providing a competitive edge in the reduction of cost. Our company delivers the best services in the market. Actually, we have a belief that customer satisfaction is what enables a business to achieve success in the market. Thus, we always are investing in and striving to achieve your satisfaction. In fact, we provide you with the services and products that you really need. They are not only efficient but also deliver the quality that is not provided by others.

We have been working in the industry for a long time now and we do not only have the market knowledge but have the experience that is required to deliver only the best. Our processes are tested and verified. They deliver the outcomes that you truly need to achieve the results profitable to you. With us, you experience simple yet effective services that are always aimed at producing only the optimal solutions and outcomes. We are always prepared and ready to assist you. We make sure that you get the party that is most suitable for you.

West Africa Bauxite have developed the skill, expertise, knowledge and have the hands-on delivery experience to completely take the products directly from the mines to the clients’ ports of imports.